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Tariffs | Louisiana

 Louisiana Tariffs - July 2022
 Louisiana PGA Rates - August 2022
 LA 2021 RSC Filing – LPSC Docket No. U-36331 – Issued June 15, 2022
 LA Amended Overview Filing – Related Energy Efficiency  Riders – Supplemental

 LA Energy Efficiency Quick Start Portfolio Plan - Supplemental

 LA Quick Start Energy Efficiency Cost Rate Rider – Effective February 1, 2022

 LA Energy Efficiency Rider Public Entities – Effective February 1, 2022

 Louisiana Franchise Fee Adjustment - May 2021



This site contains copies of Atmos Energy's Tariffs. The official tariffs are on file with the relevant state regulatory commissions. Although every effort has been made to ensure that the tariffs on this site are accurate and are updated on a timely basis, Atmos Energy does not warrant that they are identical in every respect to the official tariffs on file with the relevant regulatory agencies and expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any differences.