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Pipeline Replacement Process

Investing in Our System

Just like highways, bridges and water systems constructed decades ago, the nation’s natural gas infrastructure is a focus of replacement and modernization programs for companies and regulators across the country.

Before the system improvement begins in your neighborhood, we will contact property owners who might be potentially impacted to let you know what to expect and when to expect it.

We are upgrading the natural gas infrastructure across the eight states we serve. A construction project you might see in your neighborhood is a service line replacement. A service line is a pipe that feeds natural gas your house. In this project, Atmos Energy will replace the service line with newer materials and might move the meter to your home. Atmos Energy is also replacing transmission and distribution lines, which are the larger pipes that bring natural gas service into cities.

Pipeline Replacement Process

  1. A construction crew will dig a trench or bore along the street to prepare for the replacement. The crew will then lay new pipe in the trench or pull new pipe through the bore hole.
  2. The crew will install the new service line from the main to the gas meter located at your house. Gas will flow into the pipe. Service is now ready to be restored.
  3. An Atmos Energy employee will contact you to set an appointment for a safety inspection inside your home. If contact is not made, we will leave a door tag with instructions to set an appointment.
  4. During the appointment, your gas piping and appliances will be inspected for safety. Someone 18 years of age or older will need to be present for this.
  5. If your house piping fails the safety test, it is your responsibility to hire a plumber and make any repairs. After your gas piping and appliances pass the safety checks and you receive a city inspection, your natural gas service will be restored.

Homeowner Safety and Responsibility 

 Beyond the meter, the customer is responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing any lines and appliances, as it is their private property. In the same way electricians must make repairs to your electrical wiring and plumbers must repair water leaks, Atmos Energy does not maintain or service the gas lines from the gas meter into your home or to your natural gas appliances. If a customer-owned gas line fails a safety test, Atmos Energy technicians will disconnect gas service at the home and will ask the customer to contact a licensed plumber to make the repairs. Atmos Energy recommends all customers have their appliances and gas lines inspected periodically and repaired as needed.

Customer Owned Line Graphic