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Here to Help: Colorado Low-income Energy Assistance Program

May 2, 2022

The Colorado Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) is a federally funded program that helps eligible Colorado families, seniors and individuals pay a portion of their winter home heating costs. The program accepts applications between November and April, and Atmos Energy’s energy assistance team partners directly with LEAP to distribute funding in its Colorado communities.   

“I recently worked with a LEAP Colorado client to help them pay their natural gas bill,” said Janell Igoe, energy assistance specialist at Atmos Energy. “This customer is new to Colorado and unfamiliar with the energy assistance LEAP could provide with their utility bills.  They voiced how appreciative they were to now have use of their hot water, and the relief they felt to not be stressed about using their natural gas appliances.” 

The LEAP program works to keep Colorado communities warm during the winter by providing assistance with heating costs, equipment repair and/or replacement of inoperable heating tools. While the program is not intended to pay the entire cost of home heating, Colorado LEAP aims to help alleviate some of the burdens that come with Colorado's colder months. 

“We have partnered with Atmos Energy for more than 20 years. Along with all the other LEAP vendors across the state, the work that Atmos Energy does to help our families in need is amazing,” said Teresa Kullen, Colorado LEAP director.  “Atmos Energy treats our recipients with kindness, care, and compassion and works collaboratively with the LEAP program to ensure that we are keeping folks warm in the winter.”   

LEAP remains the greatest source of federal funding for Colorado individuals and families in need, and thanks to supplemental funding, millions of dollars are available to help customers who need help with current and past due balances.   

“The Colorado LEAP impact has grown over the past few years, and Atmos Energy continues to step up to ensure our clients’ immediate natural gas needs are met,” added Kullen.  “It has been an honor and a privilege to work alongside them to provide the best customer care that we can to our households in need across Colorado.” 

If you are faced with unforeseen expenses, please contact our customer service team at 888.286.6700 or visit to learn more about energy assistance funding that may be available to you.   

To learn more about Colorado LEAP, please visit or contact 1.866.HEAT.HELP to find the address of your county contact.