Richard K. Gordon | Atmos Energy

Richard K. Gordon

Lead Director

General partner of Juniper Capital LP in Houston, Texas since March 2003, and co-founder of Juniper Capital II in September 2014; and general partner of Juniper Energy LP in Houston, Texas since August 2006; currently a director of ExoStat Medical, Inc.  Mr. Gordon has been a director of Atmos Energy since 2001. 

For both Juniper Capital LP and Juniper Energy LP, Mr. Gordon has been responsible for managing a portfolio comprised of approximately $2 billion of power generation, mineral, oil and gas, natural gas gathering and oilfield services assets for more than ten years. Before working with Juniper Capital and Juniper Energy, Mr. Gordon spent 29 years working with such financial services firms as Dillon, Read & Co., The First Boston Corporation and Merrill Lynch & Co. At such firms, Mr. Gordon was responsible for investment banking activities related to energy and power companies, including natural gas distribution companies.

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