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Corporate Governance

Strong governance is core to accomplishing our vision. From our Board of Directors to our employees, we expect everyone to take responsibility for doing what is right for all our stakeholders. That means conducting business ethically, instilling accountability in our employees, and working with business partners who share our high standards and principles.

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Leading with Integrity

Our Code of Conduct sets guidelines for ethical business conduct among our directors and employees. They are required to complete annual code-of-conduct training, which helps them recognize and deal with ethical issues including, but not limited to, conflicts of interest, gifts and entertainment, use of confidential information, fair dealing, protection of corporate assets, and compliance with rules and regulations. We provide an anonymous hotline for employees and the public to report any suspected violations.

We also expect our business partners to operate ethically. We evaluate new business partners not only for their quality and competence, but also for their alignment with our ethical standards and values. Moreover, we use local and minority-owned businesses in many of our contracting services. We are a proud government contractor, and we partner with a full range of well-qualified, diverse local businesses, from landscapers and general contractors to auto mechanics and plumbers.

We evaluate new business partners not only for their quality and competence, but also for their alignment with our ethical standards and values.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors has the responsibility for risk oversight of the Company as a whole. The Board’s leadership structure is designed so that independent directors exercise oversight of the Company’s management and key issues related to strategy and risk. Only independent directors serve on the Board’s Audit Committee, Human Resources Committee, and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, and all standing Board committees are chaired by independent directors. Additionally, independent directors regularly hold executive sessions of the Board outside the presence of the Executive Chairman, the President and CEO, or any other Company employee. And they generally meet in a private session with the Executive Chairman and the CEO at regularly scheduled Board meetings. Directors serve one-year terms upon election and are re-elected to subsequent one-year terms by a shareholder vote at the annual shareholder’s meeting.

Knowing that an effective Board of Directors represents diverse viewpoints and backgrounds, we evaluate each Director’s continued service annually, considering factors such as diversity of skills, background and experience, age, professional background, financial literacy, availability, independence and other relevant leadership qualities.

Our Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing risks associated with financial and accounting matters, including compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, and internal control over financial reporting. In addition, the Audit Committee has oversight responsibility for the Company’s overall business risk management process, which includes the identification, assessment, mitigation and monitoring of key business risks, including cybersecurity, on a company-wide basis.

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Supporting Strong Governance

In addition to our Code of Conduct, our Board has adopted several policies and guidelines to support good conduct and governance:

  • Our Corporate Governance Guidelines assist the Board in exercising its responsibilities to the Company and our shareholders by providing a framework under which the Board may conduct business.
  • Our Insider Trading Prevention Program governs the purchase or sale of Company securities by our directors and employees, especially when any material, nonpublic information relating to the Company may be in the possession of any director or employee.
  • Our Political Activities Policy provides guidelines on our Company lobbying and political spending activities, as well as engagement by our employees in the overall political process.
  • Our Risk Management and Compliance Committee has oversight over our safety practices and cybersecurity.
  • Our shareholders vote on executive compensation every year at our annual shareholders’ meeting.

Management Committee

Our Management Committee, composed of senior leaders, leads the execution of the Company’s strategy as approved by the Board of Directors. The Committee actively monitors our operations and financial performance; ensures compliance with our policies, procedures and ethical business practices; and develops our strategy to achieve sustainable, long-term performance.

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