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Are You Ready for Winter?

As the winter season approaches, Atmos Energy is prepared to safely deliver reliable, affordable, and resilient natural gas that offers proven value to homes and businesses all year long. Natural gas prices and other sources of energy are expected to rise and we want to share tips and information to help you manage your winter gas bills.

Why are energy prices higher?

Prices are higher due to increased global demand for natural gas and the temporary impact on supply from the recent storms in the Gulf of Mexico. This is expected to be transitory – spring prices look to be more normal.

How does Atmos Energy manage purchasing natural gas? 

The commodity cost of purchasing natural gas is passed on to our customers without a profit. Atmos Energy has strategies in place to help manage price volatility and ensure the reliability of supply, in addition to underground storage to ensure that you have reliable natural gas during peak demand periods.

What can I do to lower my winter natural gas usage? 

When the weather gets colder, appliances like your furnace, water heater, and gas logs use more natural gas. To help you prepare for colder weather, we have tips for reducing energy usage, information on how to manage your gas bill, and financial assistance for those who are struggling to pay their natural gas bill.

• Check out these energy-saving tips and learn how making a few household changes can make a big difference on your natural gas and other energy bills.
• Sign up for Budget Billing so your winter gas bills are more predictable.
• Find out about financial assistance if you are struggling to pay a past due balance.
• Learn how to better understand your Atmos Energy bill.